So we can afford to keep our prices as minimal as they are, while maintaining loyalty to our customers and considering the nature of our industry, our Terms and Conditions and FAQ are outlined below:

Our guarantee, to our customers:

We will take care of your property as if it is our own.
We will be polite, helpful and accommodating to the point reasonably able to stretch our abilities.
We take customer care very seriously.

High value items

If items are of great value, you will need to let us know in writing (email) prior to booking.

Stripping Glazed items

Please note that we are happy to strip glazed doors/furniture. However, even though we will take every care not to damage the glass, we ask customers to give them to us on their own risk as we will not take responsibility if damage occurs. The stripping process itself will not damage the glass, there is however a small risk of damage occurring during handling or transport. If you are worried about damage, we advise customers to remove the panels before handing the items to us.

All paint/vanish off?

Any filler, silicon, glue or some paint remaining on the corner of the doors is expected with the normal dipping process. Many types of wood might get slightly fluffy and remaining paint/vanish softened this is easily removed by the following process sanding. If you are looking for a perfect finish, we offer other extended services such as: Sanding and Wax/Oil.

Water based products acrylic and polyurethane do not strip with the caustic dipping process.
If this is the case, we offer two options:

  1. Return the items back as they are.
  2. If top layers of paint/vanish have been stripped full stripping price is charged.
    If no layers of paint/vanish have been removed only collection and delivery charge is payable.

  3. Offer hand strip.
  4. In most cases hand strip removes the above. Progress and additional charge to cover extra labor and hand strip solution will clearly be advised and confirmation required before proceeding
    It is very hard, at times almost impossible to determine the type of paint/vanish/stain applied before attempting to strip. This is made ever harder when those are layers under top coats.
    Turnover might take slightly longer then current turnover timescale.

Stain may but is not guaranteed to be removed.
Rust is not removed with dipping.

Warping ets.

We will do all in our control to prevent any warping, distortion, shrinking, bowing panels, ets.
Wood is an organic matter and porous nature, even though it is extremely rare we cannot guarantee it will not happen. Any items are given to us on customer’s own risk.

We can only restore item to its own glory and quality although corrections can be made by glue or wood filler. Each item is different in its own way.

Door furniture

Handles and any other door furniture that may stick out will need to be removed prior to collection. If you wish these to be stripped out of paint, please put them in a bag and we will do it for you, there is additional charge. Locks and hinges can stay. Please note that if you have opted for us to take the doors off the hinges and hang them back up, door furniture will also be done by us.

Door furniture left on the door is on customer’s own risk against damage or loss.


We are extremely cautious and always aware of responsibility carried while handling, treating or transporting customer’s property. We are none the less only human and errors do and will happen, although it is very rare. In such case we will do all in our power to rectify this and ask customers to please be patient and understanding.
We can only strip solid wood or metal items. If item or part of the item is not solid wood, may be damaged during dipping.